A collection of known Dorne Houses (requested by danytargarayen and halemcjoel)

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get to know me meme: [20/20] favorite fictional characters → clarissa fray

When you love someone, you don’t have a choice. Love takes your choices away.

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Halvemaansteeg - Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“I do not wish to…that is.…I do not mean to imply.…” He looked up suddenly and smiled, with a helpless gesture. “I dinna want to insult you by sounding as though I think you’ve a vast experience of men, is all. But it would be foolish to pretend that ye don’t know more than I do about such matters. What I meant to ask is, is this…usual? What it is between us, when I touch you, when you…lie with me? Is it always so between a man and a woman?” In spite of his difficulties, I knew exactly what he meant. His gaze was direct, holding my eyes as he waited my answer. I wanted to look away, but couldn’t. “There’s often something like it,” I said, and had to stop and clear my throat. “But no. No, it isn’t—usual. I have no idea why, but no. This is…different.” He relaxed a bit, as though I had confirmed something about which he had been anxious. “I thought perhaps not. I’ve not lain with a woman before, but I’ve…ah, had my hands on a few.” He smiled shyly, and shook his head. “It wasna the same. I mean, I’ve held women in my arms before, and kissed them, and…well.” He waved a hand, dismissing the and. “It was verra pleasant indeed. Made my heart pound and my breath come short, and all that. But it wasna at all as it is when I take you in my arms and kiss you.”


Outlander, Diana Gabaldon

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when you stay up all night doing hw and the teacher doesn’t collect it


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Hands up if large groups of aggressively loud white boys in your vicinity freak you out

One of the things that bonds women, POC, and LGBTQA+ together: The fear of white men in numbers.

Did you mean: Congress?

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September 30th


October 1st



I forgot about this

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Best. Cast. Ever

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AVATARS 200x320 :

'Outlander Ep101' part I (Frank & Claire)


giulia farnese + hairporn